17 Danish designers have each created an original poster featuring one of the global UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose is to create deeper insight in Danish society in regards to the 17 goals as well as strengthen the link between designers and general education.



17FOR17 is a poster campaign, developed by Chora Connection in collaboration with 17 Danish designers, with the purpose of creating broad awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Denmark. The 17 SDGs and 169 secondary aims were adopted in 2015 by the 193 UN countries. This adoption symbolised a commitment by these countries to solve the world’s most urgent problems by 2030. As one of these countries, Denmark is responsible for supporting sustainable global development, as well as realising the goals in a Danish context.

As a response to this, Chora Connection has collaborated with 17 Danish designers in communicating the 17 SDGs as a series of unique posters, interpreting the goals from new angles.

Danish poster art has a long tradition of democratizing the aesthetic expression and contributing to impactful communication. 17FOR17 builds on that tradition by asking designers to communicate a clear message: we need to create a sustainable future for the world.

The collection consists of 17 unique posters, each interpreting goals like ‘no poverty’, ‘zero hunger’ and ‘clean water and sanitation’.
17FOR17 thereby creates a strong connection between the participating artists and the sustainable transition that the 17 SGDs officially represent.


Where Can the Posters Be Seen?

In December 2016 the 17 signed posters were auctioned to the highest bidder, in an online auction. The income from the auction were used in developing the S.E.E.S programme – education in sustainable food production and permaculture at Asylum Center Avnstrup, run by The Red Cross.

During 2017 the Danish posters has been exhibited different places in Denmark and New York:

Designmuseum Danmark
Folkemødet på Bornholm
Kromann Reumert
Udstilling i UN Headquarters, New York
Spinderihallerne i Vejle
Ungdommens Folkemøde
Plakatmuseum Aarhus
Dome of Visions, Aarhus
Chora Connection is currently engaging other countries in 17FOR17, beginning with France and Netherlands, who already contributed with 17 original designs of the UN SDGs.

They were all exhibited at Palais De Tokyo in Paris in September 2017.

Next step is to have 17 designers from at least 20 countries contributing with unique posters and have a world exhibition by the end of 2018.